Friday, April 30, 2010

Here's a quick ink drawing of another monsterforge character. I don't know if he has a name but I just call him pyramid head. It's a really nice design. It's like 60% done. I have to add more details to the face and the big ass horns.

Enterprise Painting on cardboard

I did a little painting of the Enterprise on a piece of cardboard that was inside my netbook carrying case. The enterprise itself is done with acrylic but I also used graphic pen and inks. This scan of the painting doesn't do it justice.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monsterforge Illustration 2

Another one


Monsterforge Illustration

Drew this guy after viewing some sweet monsterforge pieces

Alien Species # 1090 aka Igor

Yet another parasite has made an appearance, this appeared this unlucky cosmonaut. The symptoms were seen on the cosmonaut almost immediately after his arrival back on Earth from an extended stay on a one man space capsule. The mission was to study the affects of isolation on a human subject, in preparation for longer missions into space. Differing from parasite # 1091, this parasite is not in control of the human host, but it mostly just a huge, heavy, breathing mass growing out of the host. The host can move about freely, but is put in an awkward position due to the parasite's weight and point of emergence from the host body. This parasite lets out a gurgling, disturbing laugh on the thirteenth minute of every hour.

Alien Species #6477 aka Widemouth Trotter

This goofy looking creature runs through the tall grass plains of it's home world looking to scare up his next meal, trying to frighten small vermin out of their hiding spots with the loud crashing of his hooves on the ground. This heavy handed approach often leaves his stomach growling.

Alien Species #6388 aka "NightmareMan"

This frightening creature measures 8 feet tall. He skulks in the trees of its home world, It's disgusting eye stalk peers out from it's hiding spot, waiting to pounce on it's next meal from above.

Alien Species #1091 aka Pilsbury

This horrid abomination is still a mystery. It it unknown where it came from or how this unlucky soul picked it up. It starts out as a small, painless bump, and quickly grows at an alarming rate until it becomes this creature you see here. The human host is just along for the ride, his nervous system taken over by the parasite, using the host's legs as conveyance. The human host is fully aware of what is happening, but powerless to stop it.

Explorerbot sketches

Here are some more sketches. I am trying to get a feel for what I want the bot to look like:

New Sketches!!!

Haven't posted in a while, but I've been working on stuff of course. Been making t-shirts, sketches, paintings, stencils and other stuff. I'll post pics on there of that that stuff as soon as I am done! Here are some sketches! First is an explorer bot. The explorerbot is a bio-mechanical machine designed to collect artifacts and living specimens from long dead civilizations. It's a mechanical body with an organic brain, encased in a living human head. The explorerbot is on autopilot in a sense as that it has only one function: to collect the remnants of a long dead civilization and bring it back to it's own planet for study. This particular explorerbot has been collecting for a long long time, it's human head has since decayed and the flesh has withered away leaving only a grimacing skull. The reason is because it's own planet has died out, and it will never receive the 'mission accomplished' message from it's masters and will be traveling the cosmos, collecting specimens for all eternity.