Monday, November 22, 2010

Soldier Boy Sharpie Drawing

Here is a drawing I did of a soldier boy. Done with fine tip sharpies. 9X12 My scanner is tiny so the edges were cut off in the process...

Designer Con 2010

Here are some pics from Designer Con. I didnt get many because I was at my table most of the time...

Here is me at my booth

Here is one of my flyers I printed up. Its a spoof of the movie "Chopping Mall" . No one got the joke...

Here are some cool custom NES cartridges done by various artists...

Sweet rainbow on the way back to AZ.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Here are some random pics Ive taken, just throwing em up here. Love this NES mullet kid! Also, that's my cat trying to get my attention. I printed up a bunch of fallout 3 stickers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Camera = Re-released Special Edition Posts

I got a new camera finally and its awesome, well, its a normal Canon Powershot SD1300 IS but it feels like a space camera to me because my last one sucked so bad. So I'll be re-taking pics and updating my old posts with new pics, think of it as a re-release, or Special Edition. It worked for George Lucas.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kaibutsu No Neko figure from KiLL!

Friend of mine KiLL! is about to release a really amazing new figure. I did the production drawings for it and it turned out amazing! Measures about 6 inches tall and has two points of articulation. I am really excited about this! Check out my drawings and the finished product! Check out his blog for more info!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New paintings!

Did a couple new paintings. They measure 9X12 and are done in acrylic. Check out the time line!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sketchbook finds, bric-a-brac of pictures

What follows is a bunch of pictures I found in one of my old sketchbooks. They are half completed and half messing around pictures. I chose the best ones to post up here. This is pretty much brainstorming put on paper. There are some gems in here that I really like. It's funny to see the progression of thoughts and styles. Sketchbooks are like chronological / visual diaries for me. It's fun to go back and see what you were drawing.

This was a free hand drawing I did of an alien coming out of a spaceship. I had not yet completed the ramp when I moved onto something else...

I love this alien guy. I am totally going to revisit this one!

I was trying out some different configurations for robots in this drawing. I like the idea of a head suspended on some hydraulic arms. Just doesn't look right in this one. Or maybe it looks exactly right!

This one looks a little unclear to me. Its a robot with two long necks coming out of one torso with two heads on the end of each neck.

Drew this guy on the plane heading to Minnesota. Was in a crappy airline magazine. I added the third eye.

More crazy robot configurations. I like the idea of some hands supporting an otherwise free floating head.

I included this one because I really like the hand holding the head and also I am really into his torso. I am going to revisit this one as well.

Drawing of a BF109. Trying my hand at some free hand prospective.

Love this res pod guy!

I really like this guy. I have so much stuff going on in my head some of these guys get lost in the static. I have to re-visit this dude.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Millennium Falcon targetting computer Stencil

I made three of these stencils. I cut the stencil by hand. Was a little challenging since it was a straight computer graphic and had very straight lines. Here are the progress pics!

Started with three 20X24 canvas boards. The texture of the canvas seems to work well with the stencils and spray paint. Isn't as fussy as the super smooth wood I usually use for stencils. I laid the yellow down first.

Cat keeps biting and clawing my arm while I am trying to cut the stencil!

After some cat bites I finally finished the stencil. Ta-Da!

Here I went in and added the arrows that signify the tie fighers flying past. At this stage I also went in with white paint and touched up some bleeding that happened while adding the red paint.

Almost done.

Here is the finished one. I am varnishing the other one and its drying outside. And the third one didnt turn out well and reclaimed the painting for another project.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sketch Update

So I got an 11X14 sketchbook because I always seem to be drawing beyond the normal 9X12 sketchbook page. Here are a couple from the book. My scanner is only for 8.5X11 sized paper so there is some cropping.

This sketch is an idea I had of an alien parasite attaching itself to a space ship. It's sprouted legs and is carrying the ship around on it's back pretty much lol

This is an astronaut who has come back from his mission infected with an alien germ. He is posing for his portrait and his new friend is making an appearance.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Art Gallery Site

This is my old google site. I have re-tooled it so it's like a gallery for all my past and present works. Check it out!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bat Boy

I drew this while waiting for a movie to start. Yes, I took my sketchbook out in the theater lol. Totally free hand, had no idea where I was going with this one lol

Astronauts infected with Space Parasites!

I've been doing some sketches of a series I am working on. The story thus far is that these astronauts were on a mission that took them into deep space. During their journey they somehow got infected with space parasites that, once back on earth, started showing themselves and taking over the astronauts bodies. These sketches are brainstorming, I haven't quite gotten the look down yet, it's not exactly what I have imagined in my head, but close. Check it. Give me your feedback!

This first guy has been transformed into some kind of flying bat creature. He flies around cities all over the world still wearing what remains of his space suit.

This next fellow has had the misfortune of being infected with a gigantic moth type insect who is much larger than the ones found on Earth. The creature is trying to take flight but cannot get airborne because it's dragging along the still live astronaut.

This nasty fellow is growing inside the confines of the cosmonaut's still intact space suit. The creature is finding gaps in the seams to continue growing from.

Lastly there is the crab monster, the largest of all the parasites. The human host is just along for the ride.

These are all ideas I have been playing with. I am still trying to find the groove.