Friday, June 25, 2010

Millennium Falcon targetting computer Stencil

I made three of these stencils. I cut the stencil by hand. Was a little challenging since it was a straight computer graphic and had very straight lines. Here are the progress pics!

Started with three 20X24 canvas boards. The texture of the canvas seems to work well with the stencils and spray paint. Isn't as fussy as the super smooth wood I usually use for stencils. I laid the yellow down first.

Cat keeps biting and clawing my arm while I am trying to cut the stencil!

After some cat bites I finally finished the stencil. Ta-Da!

Here I went in and added the arrows that signify the tie fighers flying past. At this stage I also went in with white paint and touched up some bleeding that happened while adding the red paint.

Almost done.

Here is the finished one. I am varnishing the other one and its drying outside. And the third one didnt turn out well and reclaimed the painting for another project.

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