Monday, February 22, 2010

Alien Species #0001 aka Xenobot

The first ever alien to make it's presence known to human kind is this alien robot. Named Xenobot, it is unknown how or why it is here on Earth. It appeared to a crowd of spectators at the space shuttle launch at cape Canaveral in 1986. According to eye witnesses, it came out of the foliage, it's arms outstretched, making a high pitched buzzing noise from what appeared to be a speaker on it's chest. The crowd, startled and scared, ran in a panic. This in turn seems to have startled the alien robot as he turned and ran into the brush, frightened and still blaring awful noises from his speaker port. To this day the alien robot remains elusive. He has been seen all over the country. Often seen peering from behind trees, keeping his distance from humans fortunate enough to see him. Witnesses say it appears skittish and frightens easily. The smallest movement towards him causes him to run away. They say he stops when he is far enough away, and looks over his shoulder at the witnesses, staring with his one large red eye. Scientists and researchers have speculated that he is a sort of ambassador sent from another planet, to make contact with us. Something must have gone wrong on his trip here, either in orbit or when he entered the atmosphere, as he seemed to be confused when he appeared to those first witnesses.

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