Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NERD OUT 2010!!!

I found some crazy star trek stuff at Bookman's the other day. I had just sold some artwork and had some money to pay bills. But I stumbled upon this Trek bounty and bye bye money! I couldnt buy all of them, I was sad to leave behind the model kits, I have never seen a Reliant model kit and I have always wanted to build a Klingon D7 kit. Boo Hoo. But I did get some amazing stuff. I got four micro machines vehicle sets from TOS, TNG, the movies, and also DS9. I got a Klingon Cruiser from TNG in its original box, with plastic wrapping still intact. Even the box was in mint condition! This one is staying in the box, its too nice to rip open. I also got a TNG phaser toy, in the box, with batteries included. The batteries are from 1993 and still work! The toy emits a phaser noise and the end lights up red. And the last thing I got is a badass golden Enterprise D! It too was in its original box. It has a bunch of different noises and the warp nacelles and deflector dish light up! Check out the pics!


  1. Nice haul! I had the little die-cast Enterprise D that came out when TNG first started coming on. Sucker was heavy as all get-out, and the saucer section fell off every time you looked at it wrong.

    What is this Bookman's of which you speak? It sounds like a holy place indeed!

  2. Oh man, yeah, I had the same die cast enterprise as well, and yes, the saucer would fall off, it was too heavy to stay on. So I would just play with the other section and pretend I was in "battle mode" or something.

    Bookmans is a place where you can trade in any kind of media and get store credit. They have video games, books, dvds, magazines, toys, all kind of stuff. It's amazing as you can tell from my toy haul. There are always brand new old toys showing up there for some reason, like someone has old stock from a closed up toy store in their garage lol

  3. What kinda price did you pay for the loot you got?

  4. It wasn't all that cheap ha ha, the gold enterprise was $30, but the rest of it was like $8, around there.