Saturday, June 11, 2011

Burger Mania!

I have taken my first step into a larger world of geekdom, by finding places around the valley that have arcade machines in them and going to check them out. I am a fan of Burger Time and heard a place in Deer Valley has an original Burger Time cabinet. The joint is called Burger Mania, so that in itself was reason enough to visit. I also read very conflicting / mixed reviews of the place on Yelp! so I had to see for myself. The place was kind of crappy. Had a huge menu, gyros, breakfast burritos, hot dogs, burgers, and it was all so so, it tasted like the frozen stuff you can get at the grocery store. The burger reminded me of burgers I used to have after little league games, pre-formed patties. Anyways, that's not the point, I wasn't expecting a fancy meal, that was just the icing on the cake. I wanted to check out Burger Time. To my surprise, they had like 7 other cabinets there, a real mini arcade. They had a couple shit sports games I wont mention cuz who cares about sports games. But they had a multi-cab, Carrier Wings, a Galaga cabaret ( had a fast chip in it which was disappointing) Burger Time, BAD DUDES! , and some random airplane game, looks like a Xevious clone. Which was in a cannibalized TRON cabinet *tear* So all the games were in various states of disrepair. Burger Time screen was fried, hard to see. Same deal with Galaga. Controls were funky all around. But can't hold that against them, they're trying to sell hot dogs, not maintain an arcade. So on with the pics. I took care to photograph all of BAD DUDES' artwork. I love games like that. They're like the B movie of the arcade world.

I love the artwork on Burger Time, check out the details!

BAD DUDES! Are you bad enough to save the President!?

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